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Every staff needs to meet qualification standards for employment in positions that require contact with adults and children receiving services from Cooperating Community Programs. If an offer of employment is made to you, these qualification standards will be checked upon hire (and at any time there after) through the Department of Human Services, who check such agencies as State Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, local District Court records, Department of Criminal Apprehension, County Social Services Agencies and Local Police Departments. Any of these standards, as well as other employment requirements, may be a disqualification for that employment offer.

To read the entire list of qualification standards, please consult Minnesota Statute 245c.15 “Disqualifying crimes or conduct”. It can be found at: https://www.revisor.mn.gov/statutes/?id=245C.15

Click on the link below to confirm that you have read and understand the Direct Care Qualification Standards and to continue the employment application process.